Brekford’s combination of automated traffic safety services, parking enforcement citation collections and an end-to-end suite of technology equipment for public safety vehicle services offers a unique 360° solutions for law enforcement agencies and municipalities.

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One of the easiest, safest and most cost-efficient ways agencies can address the excessive speeding issue is by implementing an Automated Enforcement Program. Using Automated Enforcement can significantly decrease traffic violations, make roadways safer, and free up law enforcement officers. Learn More
"I applaud the collaboration of the Police and Brekford Corp. coming up with this innovative tool to raise public awareness and modify driver behavior when appropriate."

- Richard P. McLaughlin, Chief of Police, Laurel Maryland Police Department

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Brekford Corp. provides state-of-the art public safety technology and automated traffic enforcement solutions to municipalities, the U.S. military, various federal entities and other public safety agencies throughout the United States.

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Our 360° approach means bumper-to-bumper engineered solutions, providing everything you will need for vehicle upfitting services, the very best mobile data and video technology and automated traffic safety services for law enforcement agencies. Contact Us For More Information