Corporate Information

Brekford Corp. is a leading public safety technology service provider of fully integrated automated traffic safety enforcement solutions, parking enforcement citation collections, and integrator of mobile technology equipment for public safety agencies. For more than a decade, Brekford has provided technology solutions and services to branches of the U.S. military, various federal entities and numerous public safety agencies throughout the United States. These departments and agencies have trusted Brekford for their end-to-end suite of rugged mobile information technology (IT), parking enforcement services, and automated traffic safety enforcement solutions.

Products & Solutions

Brekford is a one-stop shop with its unique 3600 approach to vehicle upfitting installations, cutting edge rugged mobile technology, and automated traffic safety enforcement services for jurisdictions and municipalities. Brekford provides these departments and agencies with an end-to-end suite of rugged mobile information technology (IT), vehicle upfitting services, and automated traffic safety solutions.

Our core value of integrity, accountability, respect, excellence, and teamwork drive our employees to achieve excellence and deliver industry leading technology and services, thereby enabling a superior level of safety solutions to our clients.

Core Commitment

Reasons why everyone trusts Brekford



By adhering to uniform design standards, Brekford’s vehicles spend more time serving agencies and less time in the repair shop.



Brekford guarantees the quality of its work and the integrity of the components it installs. Keeping vehicles on the road and performing to their maximum abilities is cruitcial to public safety operations



Brekford’s vehicle installations are checked and re-checked by certified technicians every step of the way to ensure maximum protection from potential hazards.



Brekford’s “office in a car” philosophy means that rugged hardware and mobile data solutions are installed for maximum comfort and functionality.



Brekford’s partnerships with the industry’s top manufactuers such as Panasonic, SoundOff Signal, Pro-Gard, Gamber Johnson, Trimble and Havis enure that only the best components are installed in its vehicles.