Automated Traffic Safety Solutions

Public safety is a major concern for most communities – especially as populations grow, public safety budgets are reduced. One way to help make streets safer while reducing workload is a well-run automated photo red light or photo speed enforcement program. The objective of automated safety enforcement is to help curtail aggressive driving through voluntary compliance. Revenue generated from fines routinely goes directly back into supporting other public safety initiatives.

Although opponents of red light cameras cite the increase in rear end collisions as cause for disapproval of cameras, a study conducted in February 2011 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (the “IIHS”) reported that red-light cameras reduced fatal red light running crashes by 24% in 14 large U.S. cities with populations over 200,000. IIHS concluded that if red light cameras had been operating in all 99 U.S. cities with populations over 200,000 during this study period (five years), a total of 815 deaths could have been avoided. Because the types of crashes prevented by red light cameras tend to be far more severe than rear-end crashes, research has shown there is a positive aggregate benefit. Photo Enforcement solutions can reduce collisions, injuries and deaths by providing a useful tool for municipalities and law enforcement agencies, without unduly taxing drivers who do not break the law. Today, more than 600 communities across the U.S. operate red light or speed camera enforcement programs.

Integrated Back Office Violation Processing

Brekford’s iP360° violation processing suite is a fully integrated web-based application that provides a single interface for all citation management functions

  • Completely web based ticket management application
  • Customizable back office systems
  • Integrates with all legacy systems
  • Flexible court interfacing modules
  • Violation payment processing and account reconciliation
  • Customizable real time reports
  • Customer call center services
The objective of photo enforcement is to help public safety agencies reduce the incidences of aggressive driving through voluntary compliance. Brekford's automated traffic safety enforcement solutions offer intersections safety using photo red light and photo speed cameras systems with complete suite of program support services.

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Regardless of the increased safety effects and prevention of fatalities, there is still a common misconception that automated traffic safety enforcement systems are not supported by the general public. An IIHS survey conducted in November, 2012 found that a large majority of people living in Washington, D.C., one of the largest combined red light and speed enforcement programs in the U.S., favor camera enforcement. Of those surveyed, 87% support red light cameras and 76% support speed cameras. Even the majority of violators (59%) agreed that they deserved their most recent citation. Brekford's automated traffic safety enforcement ("ATSE") products offer intersection safety (red light), photo speed, work zone and school bus enforcement options by way of a complete suite of solution-based products. By assembling a team of industry professionals with the most experience in this field, we have developed equipment and a full turn-key solution that we believe will ensure the success of any program. Having the advantage of a team with experience, we have created and implemented some of the most cutting-edge features into our design – while constructing end-to-end systems specifically with our clients' needs in mind.

Portable Photo Speed System

Ruggedized, self-contained, deployable portable speed cameras

  • Advanced flashless (color) technology
  • Sleek, modular and energy efficient components
  • Tamper resistant housing
  • Self monitoring Global Positioning capabilities
  • Wireless operations with real-time viewing
  • Integrated ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader) capability

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